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Being a mother of 2 kiddos, i know that being pregnant was definitely not my best “scale” moments.  At twenty-two, I thought that I was in great shape and didn’t seem to gain too much, during my first pregnancy.  It must be true that boys are a little easier on your body as my hair was thick and beautiful, my nails were growing long and luscious and whether I liked it or not I was getting five o’clock shadow on my eyebrows.  Life was wonderful, capturing my tummy at around 32 weeks was perfect!  It was before the hefty ankles and the acne set in, and also I could still fit into most of my “nice” maternity jeans.  

Fast forward to 2 years later, being pregnant with a girl is not the same!  (In my opinion)  My hair was falling out, I was sweaty, tired and miserable.  Not to mention the mood swings, gallstones and sciatica! I have always said that 2 vaginas is WAY TOO MUCH for one body.  Starting my second pregnancy heavier than I was when i delivered my son also didn’t help the ego train.  

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a moment, I wouldn’t take back all of the cheeseburgers and late night fudgsicles for the world.  We all hate what we look like when we are pregnant,  postpartum and for years after.  I look back at my maternity photos and think, WOW!  I AM AMAZING!  I grew this tiny being in my tummy, they are so much fun and give off more attitude than i ever thought possible but it is the one thing that I can do that my husband can’t.   He can build cars, elevators, open jars, get the pasta off of the top shelf and let’s be honest… he can hook up the DVD Player to the TV.  Not one of those things can compare to growing a human!

Pregnancy should be celebrated at the highest level, us women are truly spectacular!  We can change the world, and create the lives that will follow in our footsteps. 

I find that being a family photographer, we as moms are the hardest on ourselves.  We LOVE the photos of our kiddos, Dad and the kids, but when it comes to photos of ourselves we don't always get that warm feeling of LOVING THEM!  As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to remember the tiny flutters of butterflies when we met our true love, the tiny flutters of babes growing in your tummy and as we get older all we are going to feel is the flutters of gas as we lose bladder control.  (Hopefully later rather than sooner)...

This is the MAIN reason I chose my path as a family photographer!  I absolutely LOVE watching your family grow, this includes the good moments and the fat… This time in your life is only here for a moment, and it is so important to capture it.  Not only for you to remember but for your littles, and their littles to be able to cherish for generations.  

Some of my favourite photos of my Mama is when she was pregnant.  Looking back, she had a pretty round and full uterus… don't tell her i said so.  She is one of the most beautiful women i know, and I absolutely cherish the photos of when my siblings and i were in her tummy.  She sacrificed sleep, her body, and quite possibly her mind to make sure that we grew to be healthy and happy little bears.  

Next time you look in the mirror, remember that you are a SUPER HERO!  You are fearless, strong and deserve to be celebrated!  Strut that Bump and make sure that you capture every moment on your journey through life.  Just let me know if I can help.

Bailey Cresswell


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Photo Credit - Images by Kelsy (Edmonton, AB)

Bailey Cresswell